Terms of service

Paid Visa Support Service Agreement

Present terms and conditions govern the order in which paid visa support services are granted when an application for Visa Support is filed through RussiaSupport services.

Please read the terms carefully. This is a public offer sent to you from the Visa Support Provider acting in cooperation with RUSSIA.SUPPORT LLC (hereinafter RussiaSupport). By initiating the application for visa support documents, you agree to the terms of service set forth below:

  • 1. Online visa support services are the property of RUSSIA.SUPPORT LLC (hereinafter RussiaSupport).

  • 2. The paid online visa support services, requested through RussiaSupport system, are provided by independent companies (hereinafter Visa Support Provider).
    If you have any inquiries about the visa support services or the terms and conditions of the Agreement, please contact us by email: hello@russia.support.

  • 3. RussiaSupport undertakes to ensure the transfer of the visitor's information to the Visa Support Provider. In this RussiaSupport will not assume any liabilities for the actions of the Visa Support Provider for the processing of the Visa Support, and cannot be held liable for damage or losses resulting from the actions of the Visa Support Provider.

  • 4. The Visa Support Provider undertakes to provide Visa Support that must be submitted 30 days prior to obtain a tourist visa to Russia. This document is not a visa. It does not permit to enter the territory of the Russian Federation, and does not guarantee an issuance of visa to Russia.

  • 5. The Visa Support Provider sends the Visa Support in PDF format. At the end of online registration the link to the document in PDF will be sent to your email address for further download or printout. In addition, the document will be sent to the email address specified while filing the RussiaSupport application form. If you need a paper copy of Visa Support, please contact the operator of RussiaSupport by e-mail hello@russia.support. You can request the paper copy of the Visa Support to be sent to you by a currier for an additional charge.

  • 6. Neither RussiaSupport, nor Visa Support Provider shall be liable for non-issuance of a visa to Russia. The decision on that matter rests entirely within the jurisdiction of the Russian Consulates. Neither RussiaSupport, nor Visa Support Provider shall be liable for the occurrence of damages or losses suffered in case a visa is denied, or delayed, or other difficulties in gaining entry to or exit from Russia arise.

  • 7. Neither RussiaSupport, nor Visa Support Provider shall be liable in case of insurance events, incidents, crimes against foreign tourists or their property and in case when transport, financial, or other problems associated with the organization of a tours to Russia for a foreign tourist arise.

  • 8. To obtain the Visa Support an applicant should provide all the required data, including passport details of each visitor. RussiaSupport and Visa Support Provider shall not be liable for any difficulties you may experience in case you have provided incorrect information.

  • 9. RussiaSupport will charge a set fee for each Visa Support request against the credit card you specifieded while filing an application. This amount of fee will be withdrawn from the credit card upon the completion of your request for Visa Support. It is advisable for you to check in advance whether your have sufficient funds to pay the fee on your credit card. The fee is non-refundable. RussiaSupport undertakes to transfer this amount to the Visa Support Provider on your behalf.

  • 10. Amendments: In case you require a change in your travel support documents, you might get it once free of extra charges by contacting our manager via email and requesting the change to be applied. If you require a change to be made for the second time and further on, the charge for each new amendment will amount to  10.

  • 11. You must register your visa with the local representative of the Migration Service of the Russian Federation within three working days upon your arrival to Russia. The responsibility of timely registration lies entirely on you or the entity providing your hotel or apartment accommodation. We warn you that you must register your visa as soon as possible after your arrive to the Russian Federation.

  • 12. You expressly agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Russian Federation to hear all disputes arising from the provisions of this Agreement.

  • 13. You can print or save a copy of the Agreement at your discretion.

  • 14. If any provision in this Contract is determined to violate the laws of the Russian Federation in whole or in part, such invalidity or unenforceability shall attach only to such provision and everything else in this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.

  • 15. Cancellation by you and refund policy.

    Ordered visa support documents cannot be refunded under any circumstances, as processing starts immediately after your payment.

  • Exception: In cases when you have paid for the service but we failed to present it in full volume or completed your order with delay, you have the right to request a refund until the moment you get the document from us.
    All refunds are processed within 10 working days after receiving your cancellation request and bank details under the point above concerning exceptions.

  • If we have started processing your application – our fees will be charged, i.e. you will be given no refund

    If 6 months or more have passed since your order was placed and you have not provided the information required to fulfil our services no refund will be granted and the service will be assumed to have been provided in full.

    15. Сompany details

    Company name: RUSSIA.SUPPORT LLC

    E-mail: hello@russia.support